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pada Oktober 29, 2010

Estiningtyas Retnaning Putri

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Jakarta,September 20,2012



To :

Human Resouces Department



Dear Sir or Madam,


Your firm is known open wide for young and dynamic individuals.Due to the fact,I would like to join your company for  any position that might be related to my education background and knowledge.


My name is Estiningtyas R Putri,I am 20 Year old,and have an excellent health,I  fresh graduated from at University Of Gunadarma majoring Accounting.


I can see an  excellent opportunity to untilize my skill,and at the same time growing as a true professional in your company.i assure you that a high level of efficiency would be applied to any assignments given to me.Beside that,I am a person who can work either independently or as part of a team.


For futher information,I also enclosed my Curriculum Vitae with personal data for your inspection,and including a photograph.


I therefore hope that you will consider my application. Thank you kindly attention and your invitation for interview is waiting by me hopefully.


Sincerely your,




Estiningtyas R. Putri  SE





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